Is America tearing apart at the seams?

Are Democrats and Republicans at each other’s throats? Are latte-sipping liberals and beer-swilling truck drivers clashing in the streets, leaving behind a trail of broken iPhones and blood-stained “Make America Great Again” hats?

Or has everybody just gotten rabies or something?

It would seem so, if you believe the media. But I think it’s a bunch of B.S.

I think all of us, liberal and conservative, still have lot more in common than the media makes us think. That’s why I wrote this piece, Are We Divided?, and set the words to music and video.

I produced the video for the viral news website THE LATEST. It was an interesting challenge to think of music and images to go along with the words I had so painstakingly crafted. I’ll admit that the result is a tad cheesy. But sometimes, when you’re trying to reach a large audience, a healthy layer of cheese makes your message more, uh, palatable.

Script Writer / Video Editor